Amanda Lollar & Bat World Sanctuary Win Defamation Lawsuit Against Mary Cummins

This page was created to combat the ongoing defamation, harassment and cyber-stalking activities of Mary Cummins toward Amanda Lollar.

Mary Cummins February 2013

Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary, a non-profit organization founded by Lollar, has been harassed and bullied by a relentless, mentally-troubled cyber-stalker, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in Los Angeles, for over three years.

In June of 2010, Mary Cummins applied for a 2-week internship at Bat World Sanctuary. She found the work too challenging to complete and left the program early after claiming to have bumped her head. Before leaving she demanded $2,500 for a cat scan and we refused to pay. By September, she had viciously maligned and defamed Bat World Sanctuary's Founder & President, Amanda Lollar on the Internet. Mary Cummins also made false complaints to numerous animal rescue and wildlife groups, as well as Texas Parks and Wildlife, the USDA, the Texas Veterinary Medical Board, the Texas Department of Health, USFWS, the Mineral Wells Department of Health, the City Manager, the Fire Marshal, Code Enforcement, the Chief of Police and the IRS. Every official who investigated Mary Cummins' complaints have found them to be baseless. Click here to view the results of these investigations. Over the months that followed, donations to Bat World Sanctuary became nearly non-existent as Cummins is a search engine optimization expert and used "Google Bombs" to spread her defamation far and wide.

In June of 2012, after a 4-day trial, represented pro bono by animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, Judge William Brigham ruled that that Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates, and he awarded Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary a $6.1M judgment against Mary Cummins.


In retaliation, Cummins then sued Lollar in CA federal court for defamation for exposing her as a cyber-stalker. In November of 2012, the courts ruled that Lollar had never defamed Cummins but she had herself smeared her own name and tried to attribute it to Lollar. Cummins also sued Bat World's technology expert who testified at trial, and that case was also dismissed. Frustrated and vindictive, Mary Cummins then sought a restraining order against Amanda Lollar. The judge, however, threw out Cummins' ridiculous motion for a restraining order and also sanctioned Cummins to pay Lollar's attorney fees. Cummins has also filed a personal injury lawsuit against Bat World Sanctuary and its Board, claiming she was "injured" with her alleged bump on the head while she was at Bat World. Bat World is being represented pro-bono in that case as well, and fully expect it will be dismissed.

To date Mary Cummins has created hundreds of malicious and defamatory pages about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. She has also falsified government documents and uploaded these files as "proof" of her outrageous accusations. Since the trial, Amanda Lollar has been contacted by over 20 professionals across the US who were also attacked by Mary Cummings. These individuals include real estate agents, animal care specialists, journalists, an LA City Councilwoman, a stock broker, company owners, a rock star, a professional wrestler, attorneys and even neighbors. Unfortunately, internet laws are not yet in place to stop the behavior of malcontents like Mary Cummins.

Amanda Lollar created a Facebook page for other victims of cyber-stalking and adult bullying, to share and learn how to fight back. Randy Turner, created a page on his own professional website which outlines what Cummins has done to Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary and her other victims (including Randy himself).

People have wondered why Mary Cummins hasn't been committed. The answer is, unless she poses a danger to herself or others, she cannot legally be committed. She is also estranged from her family so they do not have the need to commit her. People also ask why she hasn't been arrested. Unfortunately, it is not a crime to attempt to ruin someone's life by posting defamation. People can be sued and a judgement levied against them (as Amanda Lollar did with Mary Cummins), however, there are no laws in place to protect victims from internet smear campaigns unless they include death threats or threats of physical harm. However, because Mary Cummins continues to post defamation about Amanda Lollar on the internet after she was ordered to stop, she will eventually be charged with Contempt of Court with the likelihood of jail time after a decision is made on her appeal. Until then, the only recourse is to expose Mary Cummins for the malicious cyber-stalker that she is.

For updates on this case please see the this page: Bat World's Cyber-Stalker